Sound financial planning is essential to getting the most out of life.  
Freeman Financial Group has the knowledge and experience to guide you through your important financial decisions.

Kent Freeman is President of Freeman Financial Group.  Kent is a well known speaker in the state of Oklahoma, giving a variety of workshops and seminars throughout the state over the last 15 years.  Kent specializes in providing retirement planning advice for clients who desire the freedom to choose the lifestyles they can comfortably afford to lead during their golden years.

About Us

Mr. Kent Freeman
Located in Blackburn Building Across from Mardels

4901 N. W. Expressway
Oklahoma City, OK 73132

By doing a thorough review of a client's financial situtation, Kent will do an analysis of  current income and assets.  Kent helps clients project their potential future income streams and show them how to help preserve their assets for themselves, spouses and children and grandchildren.

Kent is recognized as a specialist in IRA distribution planning
He helps families structure their IRA's so as to provide income for the IRA owners and to pass their income over future generations of family members.  
Kent is a member of Ed Slott's Elite IRA Advisor Group,    Ed Slott, CPA, was called "Mr. IRA" by the Wall Street Journal.

Kent specializes in helping seniors retire comfortably. He has 30 years of experience and has worked with over 1600 families, helping them to achieve their goals.

You will find Kent very knowledgeable,  friendly and willing to share information that can instantly help.     Give Kent a call today at 405-340-0393